About Murri Watch

Murri Watch is a non for profit organisation registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (The CATSI Act)
Murri Watch was established in 1991 just prior to the handing down of the Recommendations arising from the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Royal Commission.

Our Mission

Our Culture

Our Land

Our Healing

Our Future

Our Vision

To be the agency of first choice for communities and key stakeholders to deliver culturally proficient community sensitive and highly professional services to empower people

We are:

  • An Indigenous organisation whose Board and staff have walked in the shoes of their people and therefore have the credibility and cultural sensitivity to engage with the Indigenous client group in a meaningful manner in a number of areas.
  • A nimble flexible organisation with low overheads capable of making quick decisions to embrace strategic opportunities.
  • Strongly linked to a range of Indigenous organizations and many Traditional Owners who could be enthused to work with Murri Watch to progress worthwhile initiatives.
  • The Board, CEO and Staff are highly committed and capable and can attract high quality Indigenous staff as required for worth while programs that have longevity.

Our Values

  • We have the traditional Indigenous values of Care, Share, and Respect which form the foundation of our organisation.
  • We CARE deeply for our clients and remain wholly committed to improving their physical, cultural, social, spiritual and economic wellbeing.
  • We SHARE a detailed knowledge and understanding of the historical through to contemporary problems and issues and remain wholly committed to providing culturally proficient, community sensitive and highly productive services and support options.
  • We RESPECTthe personal circumstances and cultural backgrounds of our clients and are wholly committed to restoring their cultural integrity, dignity and pride.

Our Priorities

  • To maintain our record of zero deaths in custody through our Diversionary Centre Services and Watch House Cell Visitor Services and our high standards of service provision to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness through our Bowman Johnson Supported Accommodation Program and Townsville Community Patrol Program.
  • To develop youth programs, including education programs for young school children to “break the cycle”.
  • To address the problems of the elderly many of who have nowhere to go. To support domestic violence programs starting with a national day for Indigenous men to say “sorry” to Indigenous women.
  • To provide employment and training services.
  • To develop rehabilitation and cognitive change programs to do more to change client’s life styles.
  • To provide Probation and Parole services.
  • To support agencies and develop programs in the areas of suicide and self-harm.

Underlying Principles

Consistent with our Mission, Vision and Values the following principles to underpin, guide and focus our approach to providing culturally proficient, community sensitive and highly productive service and support options for our clients:
  • PRIDE – We maintain a strong sense of integrity, dignity and pride knowing that our organisation is owned by the community for the community.
  • PASSION – We are determined to break the cycle of psychological trauma, chronic disadvantage and dysfunction by strengthening pride in the unique richness of our culture among our clients.
  • CULTURAL INTEGRITY – We maintain absolute respect and compliance with the ancient lores, customs, protocols and traditions of Indigenous people in a contemporary context

Funding Bodies

We acknowledge that the ongoing support from our funding bodies and collaborative partners, coupled with the commitment from our members and staff are the core elements of our success and development.

Over the previous year, Murri Watch’s programs were funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, Department of Housing and Public Works, Aboriginal Hostels Limited, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and Community Solutions.

Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, Department of Housing and Public Works